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Successful Onboarding:
How to Get Your New Employees Started Off Right

By David Lee
Reprinted from SilkRoad Technology


The term "onboarding" refers to the process of integrating new employees into the organization, preparing them to succeed at their job, and to become fully engaged, productive members of the organization. It includes the initial orientation process and the ensuing 3-6 months (or however long it takes to get an employee "up to speed" in a particular company or discipline).

This white paper focuses on how to avoid the common mistakes and careless errors so many organizations make in the onboarding process and how to design an onboarding process that not only prepares employees well, but leaves them feeling inspired. Read More ...
About the Author: David Lee is an internationally recognized expert in organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance. His articles have been published in trade journals in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For more of his articles, or for information on his consulting and training services, go to: