Storytelling for Leaders and Coaches: How to Use Storytelling to Shift People From Overwhelmed and Scared to Empowered

Storytelling is a powerful way for leaders to shift followers from the mindset of:

“This is overwhelming”

“I can’t do this”

“This is too much to handle”

…to the attitude:

“If I can handle THAT, I can handle THIS.”

Storytelling is also a great approach for coaches who are trying to help a client shift to a more empowered state so they can start to problem-solve and brainstorm how to deal with a challenging situation. As long as they are feeling overwhelmed and impotent, they aren’t able to consider possibilities or problem-solve. They need to shift to a more positive emotional state for them to see possibilities and solutions.

Here’s an excerpt from a program I did on resilience where I tell them a story about where my interest in resilience came from and then used this as an example of how to use “If I handle THAT, I can handle THIS!” stories to shift people to a more powerful, optimistic state.

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