How to Help Your Employees Help YOU Help Your Employer Thrive


If you want to become a VIP in your organization–or wherever you work–i.e. Valuable, Influential, and Promotable–one of the best things you can do is to cultivate the “How can I provide more value here?” mindset.

If you’re a manager, one of the best ways to help your employer is to coach your team on how to develop that mindset.

Doing this also helps your employees grow professionally and feel more engaged at work.

Here’s a short guide (11 pages in all)  that shows how to develop this mindset.

I recommend you read it and give it to all of your employees.

It will help them, help you, help your employer thrive.

How to Cultivate the Consultant Mindset and Become a Value Detective


BTW…this guide is actually excerpted from the program manual from the December 8th, 2017 program

The Emerging Leader Seminar

December 8th · Westbrook, ME · 9-4


If you want to attend, there’s still room!

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