“Help Me Help You Help Us”: A New Webinar

How to get the information you need to get the best work out of each employee and… keep morale high



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Silhouette of helping hand between two climberTo get the best work from each employee requires knowing their particular motivational drivers, preferences, and the communication approaches that work best for them.

One-size-fits-all management approaches not only result in you getting only a fraction of the true potential from each employee, they are also guaranteed to alienate a percentage of employees…resulting in lower productivity, job dissatisfaction, and turnover.

In this webinar, we will explore how managers can engage employees in “Help Me Help You Help Us” conversations that can give you the information you need to bring out the best in each employee and create the kind of work experience that keeps your talent happy and engaged.



  1. Why It’s Critical Now to Customize the Employee Experience
  2. What are the Key Ingredients of an Employee’s “Engagement Recipe”?
  3. Specific Questions to Ask So You Get the Critical Information You Need
  4. How to Foster Candor…so Employees ARE Willing to Give you the information you need.

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