How Managers Can Boost Engagement and Productivity in Today’s Employees


 with David Lee


Westbrook, Maine • October 27th • 9AM-4PM


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Gallup’s research on employee engagement shows that an employee’s manager accounts for 70% of that employee’s engagement level. Think of that, managers have over TWICE the impact of ALL OTHER FACTORS COMBINED.

Thus, if you want to improve employee engagement, helping your managers, supervisors, and team leads develop the skills and practices that lead to highly engaged, productive employees is Job One.

This seminar will help you with that.

The skills and practices covered in this seminar also make the manager’s life easier, because they are more likely to have employees who:

  • Care about their manager and their manager’s goals
  • Show initiative
  • Listen to, and even welcome, their manager’s feedback
  • Bring less drama and friction to the workplace

This seminar, which is for supervisors, managers, and senior leaders, covers the following, and more:


  1. The 8 things today’s employees are looking for in a work experience…and how to deliver them.While it’s important to know WHAT today’s Millennial employee wants in a work experience, it’s MORE important–and far difficult–knowing HOW to deliver it. Clearly most employers and most managers do NOT know how to do this, given our dismal engagement levels globally.
  2. Mistakes busy, results-driven managers commonly make that alienate employees and result in lower productivity, lower engagement, and higher turnover.We will explore “The Secret Life of Employees”–things they don’t tell their manager about what their manager does that slowly (or quickly) erodes their commitment and dims their passion for doing great work. This could be THE most important part of the program. Why? Because the human brains is hardwired to notice and remember negative things far more effectively than positive things. That’s why you can do 25 great things for your team and make one thoughtless mistake, and that one mistake overshadows all the good.
  3. Manager/employee conversations every manager should have if they want to boost productivity and engagement and how to begin them.If you want better results from your team, it will require having a better conversation. That means knowing what questions to ask so you can find out each person’s unique Engagement Recipe. Knowing how to engage employees in productive performance and engagement conversations also enables you to get the most, best quality work out of each person, while….maintaining high morale (because employees who feel their manager cares about, and listens to, them; employees who feel like their input matters, and who have the support and resources to perform at their best, these employees  can work WAY harder and be FAR MORE productive, without burning out).
  4. The secret behind Southwest Airline’s “We’re all in this together!” culture that provides the missing piece to most employers’ engagement strategy.

    We’ll keep this a secret for now. Let’s just say they focus on two things that most employers don’t.


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Registration Information:

When: October 27th, 9AM-4PM (lunch on your own)

Where: Hosted by Woodfords Family Services, 15 Saunders Way (Suite 700), Westbrook, ME  04092

Fee: $199 Early Bird Rate (if registered by Oct 19th) $249 after that

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About David Lee: David Lee is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and executive coach who has worked with organizations and presented at conferences throughout North America and Australia.

David is the author of Powerful Storytelling Techniques, and nearly 100 articles and book chapters on topics related to employee engagement, leadership development, and “how to have the conversations that get you the results you want.”

He is currently working on a new book Courageous Conversations At Work.

The essence of his work on helping professionals and leaders perform at their best and bring out the best in others can be summarized in the following way:

“Every better business result you want requires having a better conversation.”


Comments From Clients and Program Participants


“The value David provided our organization went far beyond the actual classroom experience.  In addition to the wealth of information he provided during class, David provided a broad support system to further the development of our senior management team.

Specific elements included working with the team to articulate a behavioral vision, one-on-one coaching, individualized professional development plans, and a variety of other support services that enabled us to build a culture of teamwork, accountability, and excellent customer service.  While everyone says they will help you be more productive and get better results from your people, David is the only one I’ve worked with who really helps you get there.” – Eric Henry, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Hershey Trust Company, PA

Thanks for the absolutely great program Becoming a People Whisperer!  I learned a lot—and I think so did everyone else. – Charles “Chip” Morrison, President, Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, ME

I recently attended a meeting at which David Lee spoke about employee engagement and retention, and could not have been more impressed by his enthusiasm, subject matter expertise and ability to draw the audience into his topic.

He is truly passionate about what he does, and it shows in his ability to engage participants across different levels of an organization, which made his seminar extend far beyond the bounds of a traditional presentation.

He is a fantastic listener and is attuned to the interests and issues faced by his audience, quickly shifting gears to address individuals while still holding the attention of the larger group – no small task! His break-out sessions were also terrific; well executed and thoughtful, without seeming like run of the mill icebreakers. I could not recommend him more for a fun, innovative approach to employee onboarding and engagement!  – Sarah Canapari, Human Resources Generalist at Nixon Peabody LLP, MA

David is a consummate speaker, presenter, storyteller and, if ever there existed such a thing, a true “people whisperer”. I recently invested a vacation day off from work, to attend David’s presentation, “Bring it On – How to Create a Resilient, Adaptable Workforce with a Can Do Spirit”. David’s presentation was simply amazing, exceptional in practical content and useful take-aways, tools, and promised and delivered follow-up. I first met David at an HRASM meeting some years ago, and since then have had the good fortune to be the beneficiary of his wisdom as a client, and to attend, whenever and wherever I possibly can, his topical, relevant, informed, and evidence-based presentations. Kudos David on keeping it fresh, vital, and always highly relevant! – Susan Soto, Woodfords Family Services

I saw David speak for the first time on employee engagement at the 2016 SHRM conference. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me, so I reached out to him to see if he could speak at the HR networking group I am president of (Association of Legal HR Managers). Once again, David did an outstanding job, and our group was very impressed with his presentation. – Rachel Thater, Burns & Levinson LLP, Boston, MA

It’s an educational privilege and pleasure to learn from David Lee! When he’s presenting to audiences large and small his insights about workplace dynamics, leadership, and striving for our personal best resonate with everyone. David provides invaluable aha moments that translate into actionable takeaways. He always exceeds expectations, leaving participants wanting more. Equally impressive are David’s small group and team facilitation skills. Having participated in several of David’s sessions with my C-suite colleagues, I’ve witnessed David’s strong listening skills and ability to synthesize information and appropriately direct (and re-direct) conversations. Because he has the ability to build trust and rapport quickly, it affords him the necessary gateway for a deep dive into pertinent issues. His presence and unique coaching style lead to worthwhile learning for everyone. Five stars for David Lee!” – Lisa Drew McIlwain, MaineHealth, Portland, ME

David Lee’s presentation at the 2016 SHRM Conference “Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut It: It’s Time to Customize the Employee Experience”, was one of the best of the conference.

I especially liked his “Help me, help you, help us” approach to managers having engagement-building conversations with employees. Also, the fact that it was spiced up with up-to-date research and examples from the field made it both interesting and useful.

Altogether, his presentation gave me a lot of valuable insights that I can use.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Lee to any organization who wishes to keep learning HOW TO GROW THEIR PEOPLE. – Naftali Tooly Ungar, founder, ZeOved, Israel

David is an exceptional human being. I first met him in 2011, and I’ve been impressed ever since with his well-honed listening skills and the depth of his caring about others. These qualities make him a rarity among coaches, consultants and speakers. One of his greatest skills is his ability to facilitate better conversations between individuals in the workplace. His style is collaborative and warm. He draws people in and establishes trust quickly because they can instantly sense his authenticity. I love that his company is called “Human Nature@Work” because he truly understands humans and the type of leadership required to engage them and bring out their best efforts. David is a true professional and a joy to work with. I give him my highest recommendation! – Meredith Bell, Performance Support Systems, Yorktown, VA


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