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Note: They are in the process of being edited, so you won’t get them instantly. However…the first 10 people to buy them will get a complimentary coaching session from me, which would ordinarily cost about twice as much as the cost of the recordings.

Courageous Conversations at Work

How to Talk About Things That Matter Most in a Way That Fosters Openness and Non-defensiveness


Think about the difference it would make in your organization if employees talked about what was leading to their disengagement—and wanting to leave—rather  than just no longer caring…while leaving managers not knowing what they can do to rectify the situation…or why they left?

What difference would it make if department heads and team members worked through their disagreements and frustrations rather than avoided each other, played passive-aggressive games, or butted heads so often that it compromised operational efficiency?

What difference would it make to YOU…to feel more confident that you can bring up a difficult issue with someone and…it can end well?

Let’s get super specific for a second…

What’s the ONE conversation that—if you had it, and it went well—would make THE biggest difference in your work life?

How would you like to become more confident in your ability to make that conversation work?

In this program, you will learn skills and guiding principles that help will you bring up difficult issues so you can have the conversations that will make the biggest difference in your productivity, your ability to get the best results from others, and your stress level.

Imagine what that would be like.

Think about the connection between skill level, confidence, and courage.

When you’re more skilled, you’re more confident.

With greater confidence, you don’t have to screw up your courage to have the conversation.

Sure…you’re still a little nervous, but not terrified. And because of that, you don’t “chicken out” because you have faith in your ability to make it work out.

In this seminar, here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  1. The two Courageous Conversation Moments of Truth you MUST get right…otherwise you will likely trigger defensiveness and antagonism.
  2. Why the old adage “it’s not what you say that matters…it’s how you say it” is wrong.
  3. What elite athletes know about performing at your best and how you can use the same knowledge to get into the Courageous Conversation Mindset.
  4. How to recognize Conversation Destroying attitudes BEFORE you have the conversation, so they don’t torpedo your conversation the moment you open your mouth.
  5. An understanding about how feeling threatened affects the brain and its implications for people’s maturity level, capacity to process information, need to control and attack, and ability to empathize….and how to use this to be a more effective communicator.
  6. A simple, yet powerful formula for choosing the right words so you’re direct without being blunt and abrasive, and you come across as kind, without sugarcoating or diluting your message.


Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Maximum Performance and Engagement


(Spoiler alert: We won’t be doing role plays in this seminar either, so no anxiety necessary)

You want to get the best and…let’s be honest…most results from your team.

After all, your value to your employer is DIRECTLY related to both the quality and quantity of results you and your team deliver.

You also want highly engaged employees…employees who want to give 110% and who are excited to come to work, right?

And…if you’re like most managers…you want to “crack the code” of getting the best from your Millennials…

Well to get the above, you need to dial up your coaching and mentoring skills.

Not only does this help you get better results immediately, it also helps you give today’s young employees what they want most from their supervisor: someone who cares enough about them to talk with them about how they can perform at their best and works with them to grow professionally—i.e., a supervisor who is a coach and a mentor, NOT just a boss.

Both the research on Millennials and my own interviews with A-List Millennial Talent shows that having this kind of supervisor is uber-important to this new generation of employees.

Also, if you’re feeling frustrated with “Professionalism issues” with your Millennials—like the importance of promptness, paying attention to details, and not focusing on their phones instead of work—this is where dialing up your coaching and mentoring skills will help.

In short, when you become more of a coach and mentor, you not only make YOUR life easier, you also become MUCH more valuable to your employer.


Here’s what we covered:

  1. How to give feedback so it’s useful and welcomed, even by sensitive “touchy” types.
  2. What you cannot leave out if you want your “Professionalism” feedback to be taken seriously.
  3. How to have “Here’s how to be a valuable (and promotable) employee” conversations that are motivational and useful (i.e., employees know how to execute on what you’re saying).
  4. Why you need to increase your RQ—relationship quotient—with the new generation of employees, and how to do so.
  5. The #1 Communication Deficit I see in supervisors and managers and how to overcome it…and you MUST overcome it if you want your people to perform in the way you desire.
  6. What I hear over and over from Millennials about managers they love and are fiercely loyal to, and how you can “be that guy/gal” too.


To Get The Early Bird Recording Price For “Courageous Conversations” and “Mentoring and Coaching Skills for Managers”

Reminder: They are in the process of being edited, so you won’t get them instantly. However…the first 10 people to buy them will get a complimentary coaching session from me, which would ordinarily cost about twice as much as the cost of the recordings.
– $179

To Get the Early Bird Recording Price for the Deluxe Package – These two  half-day seminars plus…the full day Constructive Conversations seminar recordings

Early Bird Price – $349

About David Lee: David Lee is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and executive coach who has worked with organizations and presented at conferences throughout North America and Australia.

David is the author of Powerful Storytelling Techniques, and nearly 100 articles and book chapters on topics related to employee engagement, leadership development, and “how to have the conversations that get you the results you want.”

He is currently working on a new book Courageous Conversations At Work.

The essence of his work on helping professionals and leaders perform at their best and bring out the best in others can be summarized in the following way:

“Every better business result you want requires having a better conversation.”

Comments From Clients and Program Participants


Your program on Constructive Conversations was THE most memorable seminar I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to a lot of training and a lot of school. It amazed me how you engaged the audience for four hours without PowerPoint. – Ingrid Lederman,  DDJ Capital Management, LLC, Waltham, MA

Your seminar Constructive Conversations was fabulous!  I got so much out of it.  Jayne Allison, GPC Biotech, MA

Your presentation on Constructive Conversations got rave reviews and I hope we can bring you back to Granite State College again soon! – Beth Dalzell, Granite State College, NH

I would just like to say what an amazing program Constructive Communications is.  David Lee is both dynamic and informative.  This is by far the best course I have taken in my 25+ years in the private and hospital environment.  I have never been so impressed by a speaker, as well as the content of his program.  I would recommend this program to EVERYONE, as we all need to learn to communicate more effectively with each other.  Thank you David for my very useful new tools! – Lauri Winter, Exeter Hospital, NH

Thanks for the absolutely great program Becoming a People Whisperer!  I learned a lot—and I think so did everyone else. – Charles “Chip” Morrison, President, Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, ME

I recently attended a meeting at which David Lee spoke about employee engagement and retention, and could not have been more impressed by his enthusiasm, subject matter expertise and ability to draw the audience into his topic.

He is truly passionate about what he does, and it shows in his ability to engage participants across different levels of an organization, which made his seminar extend far beyond the bounds of a traditional presentation.

He is a fantastic listener and is attuned to the interests and issues faced by his audience, quickly shifting gears to address individuals while still holding the attention of the larger group – no small task! His break-out sessions were also terrific; well executed and thoughtful, without seeming like run of the mill icebreakers. I could not recommend him more for a fun, innovative approach to employee onboarding and engagement!  – Sarah Canapari, Human Resources Generalist at Nixon Peabody LLP, MA

David is a consummate speaker, presenter, storyteller and, if ever there existed such a thing, a true “people whisperer”. I recently invested a vacation day off from work, to attend David’s presentation, “Bring it On – How to Create a Resilient, Adaptable Workforce with a Can Do Spirit”. David’s presentation was simply amazing, exceptional in practical content and useful take-aways, tools, and promised and delivered follow-up. I first met David at an HRASM meeting some years ago, and since then have had the good fortune to be the beneficiary of his wisdom as a client, and to attend, whenever and wherever I possibly can, his topical, relevant, informed, and evidence-based presentations. Kudos David on keeping it fresh, vital, and always highly relevant! – Susan Soto, Woodfords Family Services

I saw David speak for the first time on employee engagement at the 2016 SHRM conference. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me, so I reached out to him to see if he could speak at the HR networking group I am president of (Association of Legal HR Managers). Once again, David did an outstanding job, and our group was very impressed with his presentation. – Rachel Thater, Burns & Levinson LLP, Boston, MA

It’s an educational privilege and pleasure to learn from David Lee! When he’s presenting to audiences large and small his insights about workplace dynamics, leadership, and striving for our personal best resonate with everyone. David provides invaluable aha moments that translate into actionable takeaways. He always exceeds expectations, leaving participants wanting more. Equally impressive are David’s small group and team facilitation skills. Having participated in several of David’s sessions with my C-suite colleagues, I’ve witnessed David’s strong listening skills and ability to synthesize information and appropriately direct (and re-direct) conversations. Because he has the ability to build trust and rapport quickly, it affords him the necessary gateway for a deep dive into pertinent issues. His presence and unique coaching style lead to worthwhile learning for everyone. Five stars for David Lee!” – Lisa Drew McIlwain, MaineHealth, Portland, ME

David Lee’s presentation at the 2016 SHRM Conference “Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut It: It’s Time to Customize the Employee Experience”, was one of the best of the conference.

I especially liked his “Help me, help you, help us” approach to managers having engagement-building conversations with employees. Also, the fact that it was spiced up with up-to-date research and examples from the field made it both interesting and useful.

Altogether, his presentation gave me a lot of valuable insights that I can use.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Lee to any organization who wishes to keep learning HOW TO GROW THEIR PEOPLE. – Naftali Tooly Ungar, founder, ZeOved, Israel

David is an exceptional human being. I first met him in 2011, and I’ve been impressed ever since with his well-honed listening skills and the depth of his caring about others. These qualities make him a rarity among coaches, consultants and speakers. One of his greatest skills is his ability to facilitate better conversations between individuals in the workplace. His style is collaborative and warm. He draws people in and establishes trust quickly because they can instantly sense his authenticity. I love that his company is called “Human Nature@Work” because he truly understands humans and the type of leadership required to engage them and bring out their best efforts. David is a true professional and a joy to work with. I give him my highest recommendation! – Meredith Bell, Performance Support Systems, Yorktown, VA


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