Constructive Conversations

While all of these resources will help lay the foundation for our upcoming team meetings, if you only read one and listen to one, I would recommend the first article in the list and the first audio in that list.



Can We Talk for a Change?

Building a Better Workplace Through Better Listening

The Challenge of Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Conversations



Let’s Talk for a Change–This is 45 minute presentation that outlines how to bring up difficult issues in a way that foster honest, non-defensive conversations so you can get to the heart of the issue and resolve it.

How to Make Difficult Relationships Work–This 60 minute conference presentation explores how to bring your best self to difficult relationships, and by doing so, bring out the best in others.

How Stress Affects the Brain and Therefore, Human Behavior–This presentation explores how stress results in people becoming less capable of processing information, less mature, less flexible, and less emotionally intelligent. Understanding this process–called Downshifting–provides a powerful framework for understanding other people’s behavior and knowing what to do if you want to engage them in constructive conversations. If you want a shorter, video version of this, see the video below.


Video on Downshifting


Stress, Downshifting and the Human Brain