Client Testimonials

“Your program on Constructive Conversations was THE most memorable seminar I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to a lot of training and a lot of school. It amazed me how you engaged the audience for six hours without PowerPoint.”

 Ingrid Lederman, DDJ Capital Management, LLC, Waltham, MA

 “David Lee is a true professional. He captivated our audience and proved to be one of the top two speakers at our event.”

Steve Klein, CEO, Marketing Breakthroughs, Ottawa, Ontario

“Having seen a lot of speakers, I can’t tell you just how impressed I was by David. I even waited in line to talk with him… I learned a great deal and laughed my butt off in the process… When we have someone who is so genuine and so well prepared, we owe it to each other to spread the word…. I take it very seriously when I recommend someone else’s work and… he’s great!”

Naomi Judd

“There are several reasons why I’ve brought David Lee in to work with different management teams and organizations I’ve led over the years, despite the many management and leadership development consultants and trainers I’ve encountered.

First, while everyone says they will help you be more productive and get better results from your people, David is the only one I’ve worked with who really helps you get there…

What’s more important than his content, though, is his ability to adjust his agenda on the fly, and work with the issues that come out of the group.  Over and over I’ve seen this happen, where we able to talk about things in a way we hadn’t been able to before. So rather than just learn a bunch of new ideas and techniques, we actually got to a new place in how we worked together and the results we got.

Because of our work over the years, I am much more tuned into how to tailor my approach to each individual so the interaction is a positive, constructive experience that gets better results. At the more global level, I find I’m much more tuned into opportunities to acknowledge and leverage people’s talents and strengths, which makes them happier and more productive. Being able to do this also makes my life a lot easier, and me a lot more effective.

If you want to work with someone who doesn’t just really know their stuff inside and out, but who really listens to what you and your team need, and knows how to get you there, I highly recommend you reach out to David Lee.”

Eric Henry, CEO Hershey Trust, PA

“Finally, a moment to reflect on the weekend. David, you lit them on fire!!!! I cannot tell you what a difference you made with this very unique group—you helped us to turn the tide and it was an incredibly productive weekend—and it has shaped our attitude and focus for the next few years.

You helped us collectively grab our minds and put them together in such a way that we were able to miraculously define our immediate VISION without so much as an hour of brainstorming. It just happened. It would have taken 2 or 3 board meetings to do what you helped us do.

I am still in disbelief, and am really impressed with your attitude David. You have such a special gift, and you just drove it home with everyone. I will never ever forget your time with us.”

Josh Libby, President of the National Cued Speech Association, Washington, DC

“Weeks after David Lee spoke to our college, people are still talking about the message he sent. One employee thanked our President and said it was a “gift to employees to hear David speak”. David took the time to get to know US before he stepped foot on campus. We didn’t expect the level of service that he provided. He interviewed people, sent out surveys and dug deep to find out exactly what our college needed to go from good to great. He then customized a program that fit what we needed and has been great with follow-up and feedback. It’s clear he truly cares. David does more that give a great speech a leave, he transforms the culture.”

Deb Carlson, PhD, Director of Institutional Research and Communication, Nebraska Methodist College: The Josie Harper Campus, NE

“Thank you for doing such an outstanding job keynoting our conference. As you could tell by the response, participants loved both the content and the delivery of your presentation.”

 Dr. Ian Gawler, Director, The Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia

“We chose David Lee to provide us with customer service training over a well-known national franchise in part because of his customized approach. Rather than trying to convince us that a one-size-fits-all, off the shelf “solution” was just what we needed, he took the time to learn about our business and unique needs, and tailor a program to address them.

The fact that his program was addressing the real life issues our customer service and tech support people faced every day, combined with his engaging and informative training style, had a huge impact on our staff’s interest in, and commitment to, his ongoing program.  It’s exciting to hear everyone using the concepts from his training in conversation – his concepts have become our vernacular.

I know I have used his examples with staff, customers and friends.  If you want an effective and customized training program that will enhance your external and internal communication, David Lee is the best choice!

Nancy Hellman, Loftware, NH

 “Your presentation on Constructive Conversations got rave reviews and I hope we can bring you back to Granite State College again soon!”

Beth Dalzell, Granite State College, NH

 “I’ve now worked with over 150 presenters since you last were a part of MEBSR’s Spring Conference, and still you stand out as the best person we’ve ever had come and present on how we best work with one another, increase productivity and thrive.”

 Sanna McKim, Executive Director, Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility, Maine

“I was inspired by David’s presentation. As onboarding new ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Company LLC is one of the cornerstones of our success, I cannot agree more with his statement that, ‘Everything you do in onboarding matters’.”

Diana Oreck, Vice President Global Learning & Leadership Center, Ritz Carlton, Maryland

” To attend a 7:00 a.m. presentation at the SHRM Conference in beautiful San Diego, one has to have a lot of confidence in the presenter and the material being presented. David Lee’s onboarding presentation was well worth the lost sleep. He has convinced me of the short- and long-term value of a well-designed onboarding program…and has given me real tools that will work for my organization. David has brilliantly linked the strategically designed onboarding experience to the long-term investment of employee engagement. His enthusiasm is contagious, his ideas are genius! Thank you!”

 Reneé Clodfelter, University of Wisconsin, WI

“David Lee’s presentation was outstanding. Not only was he entertaining and funny, his message was hard hitting. I’ve already begun to employ your recommendations and have started to write “NB Power’s story”. Thanks David.”

 Joanne Callahan, Chief Learning Officer, NB Power – Top 100 Employer Canada 2009, New Brunswick, Canada

  “I just want to thank you for such a great presentation! I got feedback that this was the best conference that we ever had. (Management at the venue) e-mailed me asking for your contact information. Apparently the staff that was working that day loved your message and they want to hear more. So – don’t be surprised if you hear from them!”

 Anne Charles, Maine Municipal Association, Maine

“When our Human Resources Affiliate was charged with the responsibility to recommend a keynote speaker on a topic related to change management for the New Hampshire Association of Counties Annual Conference David Lee’s name came immediately to mind.

The thought of developing a keynote presentation as well as useful breakout sessions that appealed to elected officials, departmental managers, supervisors and employees from diverse departments presented a formidable task. However, David did not disappoint. In fact, he developed and delivered an inspiring, can do, engaging presentation that was interactive, provided useful tips and flowed easily throughout the day.”

 Norm O’Neil, New Hampshire Association of Counties, NH

 “I learned more in this seminar than in four others I took from (a well known national seminar company).”

 Jennifer Sgroi, Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, New Hampshire

“It was great to have you address our top team at Norwich…Your enthusiasm is commendable and the address was certainly entertaining, thought provoking and inspirational.”

Peter Johnson, Group Managing Director, Norwich Union Financial Services, Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

 “David, I can’t thank you enough for the breath of fresh air that you provided us all last week. I only wish that every one of our supervisors could have attended. Your teaching style was just right for the audience, with a perfect blend of humor and effective hands-on tips that everyone could put to immediate use. Thanks also for your other email with follow-up tips

 Sara E. Butturini, Human Resources Manager, Millipore Corporation, Massachusetts

 “Thanks for the absolutely great program Becoming a People Whisperer! I learned a lot—and I think so did everyone else. I particularly liked learning about the power of analogies in communication. I will use them in speeches I give.”

 Charles “Chip” Morrison, President, Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, ME

 “It was a sheer delight to sit back and listen, learn and laugh as David weaved his extensive knowledge of the material with his abundant practical wisdom generously sprinkled with personal reflections, stories and his own wholesome humor. David brings a rare blend of practical knowledge and genuine humanity to his presentations. One cannot help but leave his sessions smarter, and a better human being, as he has a way of touching one’s heart as well as one’s head.”

 Bill Gaertner, MD, Wisconsin

“I want to thank you for speaking at your Annual Corporators’ Dinner. The feedback we received has been nothing but very complimentary. You certainly presented a lot of material in a short period of time succinctly and with good humor. It is clear you enjoy your work!

 Ken Reed, President and CEO, Kennebunk Savings Bank, Maine

 David, I wanted to thank you for being part our show in Las Vegas. The feedback I have received about your sessions was fantastic!!!!!! Three cheers to you.

 Julie McNeney, COO, International Council on Active Aging, Vancouver, BC

 “Your presentation on resiliency is extraordinary. I left with a specific action plan for improving the quality of my daily life. Your kindness, your knowledge, and your energy combined for a helpful and inspirational workshop.”

 Brenda Foster, Director of Communications, Healthwise, Idaho

 “Without you realizing, David woos you into learning by appealing to what you naturally know to be true by your own experience. He’s incredibly down to earth and balances stories, humor, statistics and research to engage his audience in a time defying way. His programs will benefit anyone looking to gain awareness, passion and spirit in the workplace (and beyond). I was so riveted and inspired that when David said he was wrapping up his program, I was dumbfounded by how much time had passed. I was convinced my watch was mistakenly an hour ahead. Thank you, David, for following your passion & curiosity from which we greatly benefit.”

 Krista Irmischer, Human Resources Manager, Jøtul North America, Maine

 “What makes David unique is his ability to take analytical information, creatively apply it to real life workplace situations, and then deliver it in a really fun way.”

Fran Liataud, DialogueWorks, Maine

 “David’s unique blend of humor and professionalism provides an engaging forum to absorb the content of his presentation. David does not hesitate to encourage participation and captures the audiences attention consistently throughout the seminar. I left the seminar feeling that this experience was well worth the time and money.”

 Dennis Hebert, Jr., President, Merrimack Valley Chapter of the NH Credit Union League, New Hampshire

 “David’s presentation style is unparalleled! The substantive and timely content of his subject materials is immediately adaptable to the workplace making his seminars an invaluable aid to an employer seeking to be an “Employer of Choice.”

 Lynn M. Lombard, VP, MMG Insurance Company, Maine

 “I can honestly say that your sessions were highlights for me at the conference. Since then I have perused your website and read many of the articles posted on there. Again, thank you and kudos to you for the great presentation!”

 Rob Huppée, Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

“I want to say a big thank you for the wonderful job you did in your presentations during our Quality Leadership Conference. You are a talented individual; thank you for sharing your gifts with Fairview.”

 Tom Hanson, Fairview Healthcare System, Minnesota

 “David, not only did I find your presentation very clear on concepts and theories, but more importantly, your program includes practical suggestions and multiple workshop handouts that participants can take back to their workplaces to implement those concepts and theories in a practical way”.

 Don Steig, HRH of Northern New England, Maine

 Your presentation at the 2010 Human Resources Convention – Help Your Leadership Team Become “Employee Whisperers” – was REFRESHING and IMPORTANT! Refreshing because you kept the topic of leadership current, the content was backed by solid research and you delivered the message with emotion and conviction. Important because every member of a leadership team needs to understand how human nature and employee engagement are related. I returned from the convention and immediately shared your information with our leadership team. Thank you for a great presentation.

 Atoka Dumont, Volk Packaging Corporation, ME

 “Whenever I attend a seminar, if I leave with 2 or 3 solid items to implement back at our office, I feel the day has been worthwhile. I left David Lee’s half-day course with more than 20 solid, common-sense, no-cost items that I am eager to implement. And the best part is that it is clear that implementing them will have a measurable impact for our firm! This half-day course was an excellent use of time.”

 Eric S. Wood, President, EnviroSense, Inc., New Hampshire

 “David has an uncanny ability to not only capture the attention of his audience, but also maintain a consistent level of interest in his students… Although I recognized and easily understood most of the concepts that David presented in his class, his perspective (which I value immensely due to his knowledge and intellect) and innovative style of teaching sparked my curiosity and interest, and more importantly, triggered my brain to ask more questions, deeper questions… David also has that rare ability to teach effectively to individuals that are at different levels of comprehension and understanding, and exhibit different styles of learning. … Lastly, I would like to add a very important detail regarding David’s style of teaching and his personality. His wit and great sense of humor were very appreciated in the class by all. He has what I like to call ‘intelligent’ humor which is a gift.”

 Aditi N. Thakur, Accenture, Colorado

 “Your seminar Constructive Conversations was fabulous! I got so much out of it.”

 Jayne Allison, GPC Biotech, Waltham, Massachusetts

 “David is dynamic and entertaining… and effective at making a strong connection with his audience. He uses personal examples which allows him to make even the most sophisticated concepts understandable.”

 Gail Pickard, Director, Midlyn Communications, Vancouver, BC

 “Just a note to say how wonderfully useful, entertaining, and inspirational your two morning sessions were with us. I think everyone is actually applying much of what you taught us…”

 Jud Hale, Sr., Editor-in-Chief, Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire

 “David Lee is as funny as he is resourceful. His genius is in tying personal stories into resiliency training, all the while transforming potentially painful subject matter into light-hearted wonderment through laughter. One cannot help but know, at a subconscious level, that he’s using humor to talk about the unspeakable – and the gift becomes a discovery of what is true, what is right, and what is attainable for us all.”

 Sara Wagner, Navajo Area Indian Health Service, Arizona

 “David Lee has provided the employees of the City of Manchester with a breath of fresh air in his training programs. Employees always rave about the relevance of the training to their real life work situations. David also has the unique ability to allow participants to bring up other subject matters while at the same time, he works their concerns into the program that he is presenting.”

 Ginny Lamberton, HR Director, City of Manchester, New Hampshire

 “Thank you for your seminar How To Keep Your Staff Inspired, Energized, And Passionate About Their Work! This was powerful information and advice…delivered in a gentle, fun and caring way! Great job”

 Connie Roy-Czyzowski, VP of Human Resources, Northeast Delta Dental, New Hampshire

 “David Lee is a gifted, highly informative, and engaging speaker… Besides being consistently one of our top speakers, David is very easy to work with.”

 Dr. Ruth Buczynski, President, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Connecticut

 ” David Lee knows what makes employees tick! His presentation was filled with practical ideas in giving employees a true sense of meaning and belonging in the workplace. If you want a highly motivated workforce, put David’s ideas into place.”

 Del Gilbert, Chief Learning Officer, St. Joseph Hospital, New Hampshire

 “In an era of technology-driven presentations, your ability to rely on simpler methods of story-telling and metaphors to create imagery and emphasis the key points of your message was refreshing! Our employees loved your humor and the ease with which you engaged a very diverse group of people and met their needs. We look forward to having you back on our campus!”

 Sara Wilson, Director, Training & Organizational Development, Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire

“I enjoyed your Courageous Conversations workshop so much that I came back again for your Resiliency workshop! You are an enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I especially liked the way you really listened to the participants and were happy to answer all of our questions. I felt like you were talking directly to me.”

 Glenda Christiaens, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University College of Nursing, Provo, Utah

 David, I found your presentation extremely interesting, so interesting I found myself telling others outside of work about it. Your grasp of the information and enthusiasm in which you deliver it is awesome. Thanks again.

 Frank Paradis, Quality Assurance Manager, Vitronics Soltec, NH

 “David’s unique style commands interest and participation. His customized approach ensures success, and our managers have enjoyed and been challenged at each session. We have found his content and style to be so helpful that we’re already working on phase two of management development training and coaching.”

 Maggie Bahou, Human Resources Director, NH Retirement System


Your presentation was a highlight of the Convention. So glad I attended.

 Jayne Sullivan, Unitel, ME


If you need a fresh outlook, and a roadmap for personal and business success, attend one of David Lee’s inspirational sessions without delay.

 Josephine Elizabeth Kenney, Thomas College, ME

 “I wanted to let you know how much our leadership team enjoyed your presentation on employee stress and its impact on employee performance and safety. Our group is often difficult to engage, but you kept our attention and interest the entire time. Specific comments they made related to your knowledge base, your research references that brought credibility to your content, and your engaging and enthusiastic presentation style.”

 Randie Bowden, Director of Education/Quality, Southern Maine Medical Center, ME

 “You are a wealth of information and your delivery is exceptional… You have a phenomenal energy that kept everyone eager and involved.”

 Cindy Beaton, Vice President, Cape Air, MA

 David’s materials were well organized and his presentation was very practical with real life examples from his extensive experience with major organizations. This presentation was both thought-provoking and inspirational, illustrating those critical elements of an onboarding program that make a significant difference, as well as providing insight into common mistakes seen in traditional new hire programs.

David ties the employee onboarding experience to employee engagement and retention, both critical factors to developing a high performing organization of talented employees. I highly recommend this program for employers who want to effectively engage the hearts and minds of their new hires and build successful long term relationships with their workforce.

 Connie Johnson, SPHR, HR Business Partner, Intuit, CA

 David Lee’s seminar, Constructive Conversations: How to Foster Honest, Open, Non-Defensive Dialogue About Difficult Issues, was one of the most worthwhile training experiences that I have had in a long time. Geared towards more experienced practitioners, it presented a whole new way to look at challenging discussions we have with employees and really changed my approach and perspective. I am looking forward to returning to work and implementing the many ideas that came out of the course, and look forward to attending future seminars from HumanNature@Work.

 Cindy Joyce, Director of Human Resources, FundQuest, Boston, MA

 I have utilized David’s services several times over the years. He treats each company as a unique entity and creates specific training plans based on each company’s needs. I like that he does not deliver a canned program, but makes the time to meet with HR, managers and CEO’s to understand the company culture. He partners with HR to create training plans for success. The Appraisal Process is all about Coaching and Feedback. David customized a program for us that focused on our list of specific goals, worked with our management staff as a team and on a one-on-one basis, and created tools to ensure success. What is most impressive is that David followed up post appraisal process with an employee survey asking how the manager training impacted the new appraisal process. The survey results overwhelmingly verified that the training made a positive impact on our management team and their delivery of the new process to our employees. And, as a result of the survey process, we now know what areas to focus on for our future training needs. We look forward to working with David again as we continue to refine our appraisal and coaching efforts.

 Barbara Bartlett, Director of Human Resources, Infinity Federal Credit Union, ME

 “I just wanted to thank you again for the magnificent presentation, Constructive Conversations. I have been to many seminars, and this far exceeded any past experience. I walked away feeling energized, enthusiastic and empowered. I can hardly wait to apply the principles that we discussed today at work and beyond.”

 Sybil L. Morin, Director of Administration, LifeShare, Inc., NH