How to Help Your Employees Help YOU Help Your Employer Thrive

  If you want to become a VIP in your organization–or wherever you work–i.e. Valuable, Influential, and Promotable–one of the best things you can do is to cultivate the “How can I provide more value here?” mindset. If you’re a manager, one of the best ways to help your employer is to coach your team […]

87% of Millennials want this in a job. 69% of non-Millennials want it, too.

In Millennials Want Jobs to Be Development Opportunities, the Gallup Organization reports the following: Development is a top factor in retaining Millennials Millennials value development more than other generations do (87% to 69%) The majority of Millennials are not getting opportunities to learn   Their research also revealed that Millennials place a higher priority on […]

 The Emerging Leader Seminar

  David Lee December 8th · Westbrook, ME · 9-4   To download a printable PDF of the flyer, click here   Today’s Talent Wants an Employer Who Offers Them Opportunities to Grow Professionally and You Want to Grow Your Leadership Pipeline   Research on what talented employees look for in an employer shows that […]

Do Employees Really Prefer Negative Feedback?

  In the recent article Surprising Research Says Negative Feedback Is Effective (and We Might Even Prefer It), the author cites research by the leadership firm Zenger Folkman which showed: By roughly a three-to-one margin, (employees) indicated that getting suggestions for improvement and being alerted to mistakes did more to raise their performance than positive […]

How to Get More of the Behaviors You Want From Employees

One of THE most important skills a manager can have is the ability to clearly communicate to employees  what constitutes High Value Behaviors–i.e., behaviors that: Contribute the most to your organization’s overall success Help your organization achieve specific goals and initiatives–such as becoming more patient-centric, supporting your rebranding effort, or becoming more of a “WE […]

How Managers Can Boost Engagement and Productivity in Today’s Employees

   with David Lee   Westbrook, Maine • October 27th • 9AM-4PM   To Download Printable Flyer to Share Gallup’s research on employee engagement shows that an employee’s manager accounts for 70% of that employee’s engagement level. Think of that, managers have over TWICE the impact of ALL OTHER FACTORS COMBINED. Thus, if you want […]

21 Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Constructive Feedback

  By David Lee If you’re like most managers—and most people in general—giving feedback is one of your least enjoyable experiences. It is also one of the “weakest links” between managers getting the output and outcomes they want and what they actually end up getting. Research conducted by the authors of the The 2020 Workplace […]

How to Give Constructive Feedback That Works

  David Lee Westbrook, Maine • September 28th • 9AM-4PM   Giving Feedback is THE #1 Skill Employees Want From Their Manager, But… Research conducted by the authors of The 2020 Workplace revealed that of eight managerial capabilities and strengths employees wanted most from their manager “Will give me straight feedback” was ranked #1. Unfortunately, […]

Breakthrough Solutions Never Come From the Comfortable Conversations

  This fascinating TEDTalk by Tim Ferris is both thought-provoking and practical. I especially like one of his closing statements: “The biggest challenges and problems we face will never be solved with comfortable conversations whether it’s in your  own head or with other people.” Tim Ferris   If you’re like most of us, there are […]

Courageous Conversations & Coaching and Mentoring Seminar Recordings...Now Available!

Courageous Conversations & Coaching and Mentoring Seminar Recordings…Now Available!

  Price for recordings only $179 Deluxe Package – These two  half-day seminars plus…the full day Constructive Conversations seminar recordings $349 Note: They are in the process of being edited, so you won’t get them instantly. However…the first 10 people to buy them will get a complimentary coaching session from me, which would ordinarily cost […]