How to Give Constructive Feedback That Works


David Lee

Westbrook, Maine • September 28th • 9AM-4PM


Giving Feedback is THE #1 Skill Employees Want From Their Manager, But…

Research conducted by the authors of The 2020 Workplace revealed that of eight managerial capabilities and strengths employees wanted most from their manager “Will give me straight feedback” was ranked #1.

Unfortunately, when HR professionals rated the managers in their organizations on these  capabilities and strengths, constructive feedback skills were ranked dead last.


Here’s How Getting Good at Giving Feedback Makes Everyone a Winner

When you become more skilled-and therefore more confident-in giving feedback, everyone wins.


  • You get far better results and greater productivity from your team, because they know what specifically you want, what excellence looks like, and whether they are performing to your expectations.
  • You boost morale and strengthen your relationship with each team member because they appreciate how constructive and respectful your feedback is, and…they see you as a coach and mentor who is helping them excel and succeed, not thwarting them by never giving feedback.
  • It makes both your life and your employees’ lives easier and more enjoyable, because there’s less drama, hurt feelings, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, and post-conversation tension. Also, the better you are at giving feedback, the more open to feedback your employees become, which makes YOUR life so much easier.
  • It prevents performance issues from becoming termination-worthy, because you’re able to fix performance problems earlier because you are willing to bring up issues earlier.


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In this program, here’s what you will take away:


How to Make Feedback Conversations Easier for Both The Giver and The Receiver

  • How to make feedback more like video games (where feedback is a part of the game)
  • What most managers do that make them—and their team—dread “feedback conversations” and how to STOP doing that.
  • Two things you can do to make feedback “a good thing” and “no big deal”. (this comes from a fantastic Millennial manager who manages Gen Z who I interviewed. She is the Poster Child for doing these like a pro).


How to Give Negative Feedback w/o De-motivating The Other Person

  • How to be crystal clear and direct without being “brutally honest” – people respect the former and despise the latter.
  • How to offer constructive criticism to high performing, conscientious employees so they don’t feel unappreciated.
  • The key difference between “you screwed up” demotivating feedback and feedback that leaves employees feeling empowered and determined to do better.


Mistakes to Avoid That Doom Feedback Conversations and Ruin Manager/Employee Relationships

  • When cheerleading and “I know you can do it” approaches backfire
  • The temptation you must avoid if you want employees to listen and use your feedback
  • The feedback technique you learn in many seminars that most employees despise
  • What feedback methods and word choices even smart, well-intentioned bosses do that crush employee motivation
  • The 2 mistakes really smart managers are vulnerable to making – and when they do, it destroys their ability to get their feedback heard


“Pro Tips” That Make Feedback Something That Increases Engagement and Productivity

  • The technique that turns managers from being nothing more than “just a boss” to becoming a valued coach and mentor whom employees want to hear from
  • How to get rebellious, “don’t tell me what to do” people to listen
  • The two most important moments of truth when giving corrective feedback – doing these right will pay you big rewards
  • What to do before the conversation that will dramatically increase your odds of success
  • How to minimize the need for corrective feedback in the first place… and save you and your team a lot of grief
  • How to get corrective feedback on your corrective feedback (do this only if you want to be a superstar at giving feedback)


Dealing with Drama, Defensiveness, Excuse-Makers, and Blamers

  • How to deal with crying, anger, and other emotional responses
  • How to challenge excuse-makers and blamers without turning the discussion into an argument
  • What to do with the touchy person who gets easily offended
  • When it’s time to shut down a conversation… and when you shouldn’t


What to Do When It’s Just Not Working

  • Options you have when the person doesn’t “get it”
  • How to “name the elephant in the room” and get the conversation back on track
  • How to decide when “agreeing to disagree” is acceptable… and when it’s not
  • How to end feedback conversations on a positive upbeat note, so the feedback recipient leaves determined to do a better job… not hurt and resentful

How to Make Performance Reviews Productive and Nonthreatening and even Enjoyable

  • What to do ahead of time to increase the odds it will go well.
  • The common mistake managers make which infuriates employees and makes everybody miserable
  • How to make it safe for the employee to voice their different perspective and what to do if they do
  • How to make performance reviews less like “Teacher/Student” and more like “Coach/elite athlete”


And last but certainly not least… 

How to Give Your Boss Feedback in a Way That is Clear, Respectful, and Non-threatening

Registration Information

When: September 28th, 9AM-4PM (lunch on your own)

Where: Hosted by Woodfords Family Services, 15 Saunders Way (Suite 700), Westbrook, ME  04092

Fee: $249

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About David Lee: David Lee is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and executive coach who has worked with organizations and presented at conferences throughout North America and Australia.

David is the author of Powerful Storytelling Techniques, and nearly 100 articles and book chapters on topics related to employee engagement, leadership development, and “how to have the conversations that get you the results you want.”

He is currently working on a new book Courageous Conversations At Work.

The essence of his work on helping professionals and leaders perform at their best and bring out the best in others can be summarized in the following way:

“Every better business result you want requires having a better conversation.”


Comments From Clients and Program Participants


Your seminar Constructive Conversations was fabulous!  I got so much out of it.  Jayne Allison, GPC Biotech, MA

Your presentation on Constructive Conversations got rave reviews and I hope we can bring you back to Granite State College again soon! – Beth Dalzell, Granite State College, NH

I would just like to say what an amazing program Constructive Communications is.  David Lee is both dynamic and informative.  This is by far the best course I have taken in my 25+ years in the private and hospital environment.  I have never been so impressed by a speaker, as well as the content of his program.  I would recommend this program to EVERYONE, as we all need to learn to communicate more effectively with each other.  Thank you David for my very useful new tools! – Lauri Winter, Exeter Hospital, NH

Thanks for the absolutely great program Becoming a People Whisperer!  I learned a lot—and I think so did everyone else. – Charles “Chip” Morrison, President, Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, ME

I recently attended a meeting at which David Lee spoke about employee engagement and retention, and could not have been more impressed by his enthusiasm, subject matter expertise and ability to draw the audience into his topic.

He is truly passionate about what he does, and it shows in his ability to engage participants across different levels of an organization, which made his seminar extend far beyond the bounds of a traditional presentation.

He is a fantastic listener and is attuned to the interests and issues faced by his audience, quickly shifting gears to address individuals while still holding the attention of the larger group – no small task! His break-out sessions were also terrific; well executed and thoughtful, without seeming like run of the mill icebreakers. I could not recommend him more for a fun, innovative approach to employee onboarding and engagement!  – Sarah Canapari, Human Resources Generalist at Nixon Peabody LLP, MA

David is a consummate speaker, presenter, storyteller and, if ever there existed such a thing, a true “people whisperer”. I recently invested a vacation day off from work, to attend David’s presentation, “Bring it On – How to Create a Resilient, Adaptable Workforce with a Can Do Spirit”. David’s presentation was simply amazing, exceptional in practical content and useful take-aways, tools, and promised and delivered follow-up. I first met David at an HRASM meeting some years ago, and since then have had the good fortune to be the beneficiary of his wisdom as a client, and to attend, whenever and wherever I possibly can, his topical, relevant, informed, and evidence-based presentations. Kudos David on keeping it fresh, vital, and always highly relevant! – Susan Soto, Woodfords Family Services

I saw David speak for the first time on employee engagement at the 2016 SHRM conference. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me, so I reached out to him to see if he could speak at the HR networking group I am president of (Association of Legal HR Managers). Once again, David did an outstanding job, and our group was very impressed with his presentation. – Rachel Thater, Burns & Levinson LLP, Boston, MA

It’s an educational privilege and pleasure to learn from David Lee! When he’s presenting to audiences large and small his insights about workplace dynamics, leadership, and striving for our personal best resonate with everyone. David provides invaluable aha moments that translate into actionable takeaways. He always exceeds expectations, leaving participants wanting more. Equally impressive are David’s small group and team facilitation skills. Having participated in several of David’s sessions with my C-suite colleagues, I’ve witnessed David’s strong listening skills and ability to synthesize information and appropriately direct (and re-direct) conversations. Because he has the ability to build trust and rapport quickly, it affords him the necessary gateway for a deep dive into pertinent issues. His presence and unique coaching style lead to worthwhile learning for everyone. Five stars for David Lee!” – Lisa Drew McIlwain, MaineHealth, Portland, ME

David Lee’s presentation at the 2016 SHRM Conference “Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut It: It’s Time to Customize the Employee Experience”, was one of the best of the conference.

I especially liked his “Help me, help you, help us” approach to managers having engagement-building conversations with employees. Also, the fact that it was spiced up with up-to-date research and examples from the field made it both interesting and useful.

Altogether, his presentation gave me a lot of valuable insights that I can use.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Lee to any organization who wishes to keep learning HOW TO GROW THEIR PEOPLE. – Naftali Tooly Ungar, founder, ZeOved, Israel

David is an exceptional human being. I first met him in 2011, and I’ve been impressed ever since with his well-honed listening skills and the depth of his caring about others. These qualities make him a rarity among coaches, consultants and speakers. One of his greatest skills is his ability to facilitate better conversations between individuals in the workplace. His style is collaborative and warm. He draws people in and establishes trust quickly because they can instantly sense his authenticity. I love that his company is called “Human Nature@Work” because he truly understands humans and the type of leadership required to engage them and bring out their best efforts. David is a true professional and a joy to work with. I give him my highest recommendation! – Meredith Bell, Performance Support Systems, Yorktown, VA


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