Would You Like the Level of Employee Engagement and “Can Do” Spirit……that Southwest Airlines, Zappos, and Ritz Carlton Enjoy?

If you want your employees to:

  • Hold the same standards of world class excellence as these companies do.
  • Think and act like business owners.
  • Focus on innovation and providing more value, rather than on “What have you done for me lately?” Work as hard as they can…and have fun while doing it. …

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Are You THIS Kind of Employer?

 If you want the best for each employee and the best from each employee, HumanNature@Work will show you how to do that, whether through David Lee’s articles, consulting, coaching, keynotes or professional development programs

Are You Tired of The Fads?

Rather than waste your time, money, and credibility on yet another flavor of the month management fad, why not find out how to apply the fundamentals of human nature… and maximize your employees’ performance?


The Difference Understanding Human Nature Makes 

Knowing how to apply research on human nature to the workplace is the managerial equivalent of having a “green thumb” or being a “People Whisperer.” You discover how to achieve dramatically better results from your employees, with less time, effort, and oversight on your part.

How To Maximize Employee Performance:

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